Consular and Immigration Services


Operating Hours of Consular and Immigration Services

Service Counter:

Monday – Thursday: 09.30 – 12.30

Friday: 09.30 – 12.00

Excluding public holidays.

Telephone support:

Monday – Friday: 14.30 – 16.00

  • Passport section: +49-69-24709811
  • Visa section: +49-69-24709812/-13
  • Legalization section: +49-69-24709825


For further questions regarding the consular and immigration matters, please email to


Functions that are available to and those unavailable for Indonesian Citizens Abroad

To help Indonesian citizen, consular officials will carry out functions as follows

In the case of emergency:

  • To evacuate Indonesian citizens during war, dangerous rioting/public disturbance, and natural disasters.
  • To provide medical assistance by providing a list of the nearest doctors and hospitals.
  • To assist the victims of robbery and/or other acts of violence.
  • To assist in finding person and children that are kidnapped or missing.
  • To assist troubled Indonesian citizen to return immediately to Indonesia.

In the case of Judicial problems:

  • To provide a list of local lawyers.
  • To provide information regarding the local laws and constitution.
  • To assure that you will be treated fairly and equally based on the country’s constitution in the case of incarceration or detention.
  • To assist in the process of finding a child or Indonesian citizen that has been taken outside the country or has gone missing.
  • Document legalization (for a fee).

Other cases:

  • Replace a lost, stolen, or damaged passport (for a fee).
  • Renew passport (for a fee).
  • Add the family name after marriage in passport (on the amendment page) and emergency passport.
  • Issue a consular report of birth abroad, death abroad or civil status (marriage/divorce).
  • Issue a certificate of free status when Indonesian citizen wants to get married.
  • Provide a list of translators.
  • Help destitute Indonesians contact family or friends to arrange for transfer of funds for maintenance cost or return ticket to Indonesia.
  • Help in notifying family/the next-of-kin in case an Indonesian person has an accident or is convicted and sentenced to imprisonment by a German court.
  • Accept and extend request for trial proceedings including legal documents to the appropriate authorities.
  • Assist the next-of-kin of an Indonesian deceased in the matters of burial in Germany or of returning the deceased’s remains to Indonesia.
  • Contact the next-of-kin relating to the inheritance of the deceased.
  • Help in making inquiry to the local criminal justice system to investigate suspicious activity, a violent crime, or a death.


However, consular officials cannot

Regarding to justice system

  • Interfere in personal issues.
  • Provide legal advice.
  • Provide a certificate of good conduct or criminal record for personal use.
  • Pay bail, document, or another fee.
  • Obtain release from
  • Acquire the parenting rights of kidnapped or troubled children.
  • Investigate crimes or death.
  • Enforce local authorities to implement a decision that was ordered by the Indonesian
  • Ask local authorities to provide special treatments towards Indonesian citizens.

Regarding other cases

  • Organize a travel itinerary or purchase ticket.
  • Reimburse money or fee due to postponed or canceled trips.
  • Pay accommodation, travel, medical or other personal fees.
  • Store personal belongings or find lost items.
  • Acquire license or permit for personal use, such as, visa, residence/work permit.
  • Help in finding a job.
  • Help in finding an accommodation or a place to stay.
  • receive letters or packages for personal use.
  • Provide retirement pension or other social welfare.
  • Organize wedding ceremony (except for Muslim Indonesian citizen, for fees).
  • Compensate funeral, cremation, or the return of remains to Indonesia.