Online Self-Registration

Every Indonesian citizen who has moved and settled outside of Indonesia is obligated to self-register to the nearest Indonesian foreign authority within 30 days since arrival date in a foreign country. Indonesian citizen who lives in foreign country is also obligated to report his/her domicile, relocation, actual address, status of resident permit and other important events (birth, marriage, divorce, or death) to the nearest Indonesian foreign authority. It means in effect that every Indonesian citizen in Germany who intends to live, study, work in Germany, is expected to register him or herself to the nearest Indonesian foreign authority. It is important to know that the Indonesian foreign authority can only provide consular/immigration documents to the registered Indonesian. Moreover, you are also required to inform in the case of moving to another country or permanently returning to Indonesia.


Self-Registration Procedure
  1. Self-registration is conducted online. Please click here for LAPOR DIRI ONLINE.
  2. To simplify the process of self-registration, kindly upload all necessary documents.
  3. You will receive the confirmation through E-Mail once you have succeeded the self-registration.
  4. Kindly print out this confirmation.
  5. Send your passport with the printout of the confirmation and a self-addressed stamped return envelope (min. €3,75-stamp) to the Indonesian Consulate General Frankfurt.