Journalist Visa


  • Please note that your original passport should have a validity period of at least 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia. A shortage of validity may lead to an entry refusal.
  • The holder of a temporary passport must apply for a visa.
  • A visa application with a temporary passport can take up to several months, as approval from the Indonesian Immigration Department is required.
  • The consular application fee must be paid in advance. A refund or transfer of the consular application fee is excluded. 


The rules and conditions regarding video and image capture by foreign journalists have been regulated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Regulations No. PL 500/020 597 and BB 2280 / DEP / X / 00). In order to be able to take a video and image recording in Indonesia, a filming permit from the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism is needed.

The following documents must be submitted to apply for a filming permit:

  1. Certificate from the TV station that commissioned the filming. This shows the collaboration with the film producer / film production company regarding the filming
  2. Completed Application Form for the Filming Permit  The applicant must be a film producer / film production company
  3. The Indonesian Consulate (Department of Press, Social Affairs and Culture) must receive this completed application form at least 30 days prior to the planned entry into Indonesia
  4. Completed application form for Journalist visa (one application per person) and a signed checklist(one application per person)
    • The cost of a journalism visa is € 50, plus a telegram fee of € 20 per applicant. The bank of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Frankfurt you can download here . Please send the transfer slip together with your application
    • A copy of airline ticket or itinerary (roundtrip) is required
  5. Signed statement for filming Statement Letter For Film Making / Statement Letter For News Covering must be submitted
  6. Completed Visa application form (one application per person)
  7. Copy of the passport of the team members
  8. Company Profile
  9. A signed statement from a local (Indonesian) fixer company or non-company. The Fixer will assist in obtaining the film production permit from the Indonesian authorities in Jakarta. The German film production company must work with one of the companies mentioned in the list. The list can be downloaded here  FIXER (Production Services Companies and Production Services Non Companies)
  10. A summary of the respective video sections
  11. Information about the length of the videos/films
  12. A list of film equipment (including the serial number and values ​​in US dollars) imported to Indonesia
  13. 2 x Biometric passport photos (at least 35 x 45 mm) with white / light gray background-color
  14. A letter of recommendation from German authorities can speed up the approval process
  15. An addressed and stamped envelope (with registered mail)

Please note:

  1. If there are changes, a new filming permit must be requested
  2. For a video/image capture in the Protected Areas, you need a special authorization (“SIMAKSI”) from the Directorate General for Conservation and Conservation in the Department of Agriculture and Forestry (Forestry Center Building, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta)
  3. Following approval of the request by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Indonesia, the journalist visa and the notification letter are issued by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia
  4. In the next step, the applicant can send the passports of the team members to the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Frankfurt by post (by registered letter) or in-person to receive the visa
  1. The applicant is required to comply with Indonesian laws and regulations
  2. The applicant is obliged to comply with local regulations. A recording of forbidden holy rituals or forbidden holy objects is forbidden
  3. After the turning operation of the applicant is required a copy of which will be broadcast in a television broadcast of the video / image capture, to submit to the General Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Frankfurt. This will be forwarded to the Directorate of Information and Media in Jakarta. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia is entitled to use the video / image recording for non-commercial purposes.