Welcome to Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s biggest archipelago nation. The country consists of more than 17.000 islands, where only about 6.000 of those islands are inhabited. Indonesia is known as “ikat pinggang zamrud kautilstiwa” or “the emerald belt of the equator” for its position that lies directly on the equator. Indonesia stretches for 5.129 km between two oceans; the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The tropical climate makes the land fertile and rich of natural resources.

Indonesia is one of the world’s most designated tourist destinations. Indonesia offers an exquisite natural sites, rich art and culture as well as friendly hospitality. An abundance of flora and fauna can be found in all ends of Indonesia. Indonesia also has a rich history, with historical objects that can take us back to the colonial age.

You will experience a wonderful trip in Indonesia, which will be memories for a lifetime. When you plan your trip, you can also find information about visiting destinations and cultural attractions of interest. We wish you a wonderful visit and hope it will leave beautiful and lasting memories.